Redefining Domestic Recovery and Ambient Assistance


GetWell@Home℠ addresses an annual 143 billion Euro savings potential on a European level that arises from process waste and lack of consumer involvement in post-acute care.
The focus on post-acute recovery for cases of joint and muscle surgery or injury as well as typical chronic conditions adresses one of the key drivers of cost in the European health system. Enabling the patient and the informal carers to better deal with the daily challenges creates an environment that is no longer solely dependent on professional resources for long term domestic recovery and care.

We create Context for the Consumer

Ecosystem as a service

The central workflow and rule engine is integrated with specialized IoT devices and subsystems for discrete treatment and monitoring tasks like Diabetes Monitoring. The consumer works with an automatically generated, integrated daily plan that provides guidance and instruction for vital sign and risk factor monitoring, coordinates and reminds for appointments and ensures medication plan compliance.

We Think It

We Build It

We Create Value

Frontend and Backend Feature set

What does GetWell@Home℠ offer?

The Scandinavian-designed E2E Case Management user experience for consumers and expert users features app, online portal, mobile and analog communication integration as well as industry grade backend API integration capabilities. The platform handles multiple concurrent cases per subscriber and consolidates the resulting instructions, appointments, reminders and data points into a single, consumer-friendly view.
The service is available as a fully hosted and managed cloud service as well as an on-premise-deployment. The GetWell@Home℠ Solution is centrally managed for optimal availability, frequent feature additions and ongoing evolution.

BlueCon: The Disruptive Integrator

Why does it work?

GetWell@Home℠ leverages ambient, non-intrusive integration capabilities of digital technologies like IoT, IP everywhere and cloud based application integration and operation. Evolution of the ecosystem and the service are part of the DNA of the service.
Disrupting the accepted approach of hard-wiring complex and inert systems results in a rapid time to market and creates a highly scalable service. The use of pervasive media combined with the unique capability for mass-customization ensure a high degree of relevance to the subscriber community.

Service is Available Starting Q1 2018

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Having completed a comprehensive research and design phase involving leading experts from the digital, medical and regulatory community, the service is available for pilot and trial implementation starting Q4 2017.
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